Branding & Marketing

Logo Design, Branding
and Package Design

Branding & Marketing

Logo Design, Branding, and Package Design

Logos & Business Cards

Logo design and Illustration was the first aspect of commercial art that drew me in. Most of my initial training was completed before digital design came to light. Business Cards are the best form of creating contacts and getting your brand out quickly. They are also one of the trickiest to design, given their small size. I have tried to pick the most diverse of what I have designed over the years to display. Click a thumbnail below for a closer look.

Package Design

Package design is one of the hardest advertising to create. Trying to vie for position and attention on a shelf is one of the most difficult galleries around. I lack a number of decent photos of finished packaging to adequately display all my work online, So I tried to pick the most diverse of what I have to display.  Select any project for a closer look.